Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) refers to the housing for people with disabilities for supervision or assistance with activities of daily living; coordination of services by outside health care providers; and monitoring of resident activities to help tensure their health, safety, and well-being.

Normally people with disabilities and especially seniors, cannot enjoy independent living, causing a strong impact on their quality of life, the national health systems, the insurance companies, the relatives and the care-givers. Senior citizens may suffer from a number of diseases, including the decline in cardiopulmonary conditions with weaker muscle functions and a declined neuromuscular control of the movements, which result in a higher risk of fall and a higher vulnerability for cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. When chronic conditions do occur simultaneously in the same individual, the resulting phenotype –whose complexity is augmented and increased by and with ageing- is so difficult to manage to represent the most serious challenge not only for independent living but, as well, for the sustainability of health systems worldwide.

There is, indeed, a large number of initiatives, products and services for eHealth approaches to address this challenge. Nevertheless there is lack of addressing the problem in a holistic manner, balancing innovation with needs from the user perspective and that under the prism of the regulations and limitations from a Health System perspective.

This workshop aims to provide a discussion framework towards enhanced AAL support for seniors with different types of diseases, focusing on the scientific aspects that can be the game changer in the provision of robust and reliable systems that are user-centric.

The workshop will focus on:

The workshop will attract experienced professionals and researchers in the field to discuss innovative approaches and pinpoint the current gaps in the field with the goal to contribute to the development of a roadmap for AAL. The workshop will stimulate open discussions and exchange of participants’ personal experience and insights.

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